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100% Biodegradable

Jute does not pollute our environments

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Beautiful Jute Bag Varieties

Jute bags are Made In Bangladesh. It's natural, Eco-friendly, and easy to dispose.

Jute Yarn & Accessories

We are proud to present our 100% Natural Jute yarn. Jute yarn has shade variances between dyeing lots.

We are the Jute Products Supplier

Goldfeel Jute is a very fast growing and pretty good jute related product manufacturer company in Bangladesh. We have a very good collection of products including unique design and expert resources to ensure product quality, delivery timing, affordable pricing, etc.

We hope we can align with your requirements & can do a long term business with the betterment of the environment for the next generation.

Featured Products

We have our own production Unit

Why Jute Bag

Jute bags are made of jute fibers. The jute fibers are dried in long strips, and it’s one of the cheapest natural materials; together with cotton, it is one of the most frequently used in every country.

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